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UFO spotter gets targeted by 'Men in Black'


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UFO spotter gets targeted by 'Men in Black'

Post by Aurora on Tue Aug 25, 2015 2:49 pm

Father-of-two Liam Freaney received unexpected visits after witnessing a number of UFOs near his home. Freaney, who was a builder by trade, had little interest in the subject of UFOs until one day in March 2013 when he and his workmate witnessed a number of strange lights in the skies over New South Wales followed by the appearance of a military aircraft which seemed to be pursuing them. A few months later the objects started to appear on a regular basis, prompting Freaney to purchase a video camera so that he could try to record some footage, but as he stepped up his efforts to determine what the objects could be he started to attract an entirely unwanted type of attention. "I would see and film an object then directly afterwards I would get home and a helicopter would show up and sit over the house," he said. "So I started filming the helicopters as well as the unidentified flying objects. It happened over and over again, 20 or 30 times at least." "When they hover the height of a lamp post above your house and lean out the window it's definitely not military training. Maybe I have filmed something I shouldn't have. That's a possibility." The incidents eventually came to a head two weeks before he was due to talk about his experiences at a local UFO group. He had been out driving his car near his home when a large black saloon drove up behind and pulled him over on to the side of the road. Two men in black suits got out and approached the window of his vehicle. The strangers knew him by name and warned him in no uncertain terms that it would be best if he kept his mouth shut. Despite feeling initially apprehensive however Freaney decided to go ahead with the talk anyway. "The purpose of this whole two and a half years of contact that has happened to me I believe is for me to pass on the message that it is happening and that it is real," he said. "The only thing I have got out of it is to tell people what I am seeing."


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